Online Filemanager - Mollify

Ich war schon seit längerer Zeit auf der Suche nach einem bedienerfreundlichen Online-Filemanager. Schlussendlich bin ich mit Mollify fündig geworden. Es ist einfach zu installieren und hat sehr nützliche Plugins. Der Administrations-Bereich ist schlicht gehalten und besitzt alles um die Benutzer und Freigaben einfach und schnell zu verwalten.

Kurzer Abriss der Features:

Version 1.7.6

  • Languages: Brazilian Português, Dansk, Deutsch, Dutch, Chinese, English, Español, Français, Indonesian, Italiano, ???, Polski, Português, ???????, Serbian, Suomi
  • Published folders are fully configurable (including alias), underlying file system structure is not revealed
  • User authentication (optional), each user can have different folders published
  • User self registration with optional e-mail confirmation and user folder creation
  • Customized notifications from different user events
  • (Optional) Database configuration (MySQL)
  • File level user access control, editable from client by admin users
  • Intuitive path bar, shows all parts of the current path and allows changing directly into any folder in any level
  • File and folder details and actions available directly from context popup menu
  • File actions available: download, rename, copy, move and delete
  • Folder actions available: create, copy, move, rename and delete
  • Drop Box (collect files from different locations into drop box, and perform actions to them later)
  • Search files and folders
  • Support for downloading files and folders in zipped format
  • Support for editable file and folder descriptions
  • Multiple file uploading with progress display support (New! Also supports flash and Plupload uploader)
  • Support for file preview and view, viewer plugin system allows extending supported types
  • Support for public links for file downloads
  • Event logging
  • Server plugin system for extending features
  • Support for accessing files from native client (ie. from Mac or Windows file manager or iPhone, Android etc smartphone) via WebDAV protocol
  • File list sortable by columns (name, type, size)
  • Fully customizable UI via CSS files, no styles are “hard-coded”
  • Independent frontend and backend, both implementations can be replaced (communication with REST HTTP/JSON)
  • Built-in standalone demo mode for demonstration and theme development

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