Unglaubliche 3D gedruckte Spinne. Der T8 Spider Octopod Robot!

Unglaubliche 3D gedruckte Spinne. Der T8 Spider Octopod Robot!

Ein unglaublich cooles Spielzeug aus 3D gedruckten Teilen. Ich schreibe hier nicht viel. Die Videos müsst ihr euch anschauen.



T8 is a bio-inspired high resolution 3D printed robot that uses a total of 26 servo motors. It is powered by the Bigfoot™ Inverse Kinematics Engine.

The Bigfoot™ Inverse Kinematics Engine handles all the complex math calculations necessary for controlling multi-legged walking robots. All computations are safely hidden from the user in the form of a black box. This means that the user only has to send short and simple commands to the robot (for example, instructing it to walk forward at a desired speed) and the engine will automatically take care of all the details, including inverse kinematics, leg trajectory planning, leg gait coordination, motor control, etc. This makes it quite easy even for absolute beginners to play with advanced robotics.

Commands are sent and received via wireless XBee. Optionally, you can connect your own serial communication method with the provided Rx/Tx pins.

You can choose between pre-programming your own sequences or directly controlling the robot in real time with the wireless Robugtix™ Controller.

Hersteller ist die Firma: Robugtix™ is a trademark of Amoeba Robotics Ltd.